Mom deserves to be showered with love 24/7, 365.
When Mother's Day comes around, it's the time to go all-out with festive family activities and gifts galore.
This year, instead of fresh flowers, gift the women in your life something extra special! A unique Mother's Day gift, with love and thanks gift.

Flowers are naturally rich in phytochemicals, and bioactive nutrients which can have positive health benefits, so scented tea is the best choice for you.

Studies suggest that species as common as roses and dandelions can promote better eyesight, enhance brain function, and protect organs such as the liver, according to a study published in the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Frontiers in Plant Science earlier this year. In this review, the authors concluded, “Integrating them into a daily or periodic diet can help prevent generalized … and/or specific pathologies.” Translation: Eating certain edible flowers either regularly or occasionally can help stave off disease. (When contacted by TZR for comment, corresponding author Stefano Benvenuti, a researcher in the department of agricultural, food, and agro-environmental sciences at the University of Pisa in Italy, said.

While they’re best known for symbolizing romantic interest and affection, roses can also reduce inflammation, relieve menstruation-associated pain, and iron out wrinkles in the digestive process.

Jasmine flowers have “stimulating and arousing” effects when an essential oil derived from their petals is used to scent tea. Consequently, the shrub can reduce anxiety, boost concentration, and serve as an antidepressant. Jasmine can also treat diarrhea and relieve abdominal discomfort as well as all-around aches and pains.

The most popular ingredient in floral teas nationwide, hibiscus is highly recommended for people who have pre-diabetes and are at risk of developing type II diabetes as a result. Its antiseptic qualities have brought this herbal tea into use as a folk remedy for leveling blood sugar and blood pressure levels.
In addition, like roses and chamomile, hibiscus can also prevent inflammation and infection.