What is Blue Lotus Flower

Blue lotus flower has its roots in ancient Egypt, also known by the common names "blue water lily", "Egyptian lotus" and "Nymphaea Caerulea". It is an aquatic perennial plant that grows on the shores of lakes and rivers. It was originally found along the Nile River but now grows throughout the continent of Africa and Asia. For thousands of years, it has been used in traditional medicine as a natural aphrodisiac, sleep aid and anxiety reliever.


Potential Health Benefits Of Blue Lotus Flower

1. A Potent Psychoactive
The blue lotus flower contains alkaloids, tannins, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. When it comes to brew a cup of herbal tea, this tea offers mild psychoactive effects that offer a feeling of euphoria.
2. May Help You Sleep
Blue lotus flower tea may be an effective sleep aid thanks to the presence of powerful compounds, such as nuciferine and aporphine. They may help to induce more peaceful sleep. According to anecdotal evidence, a cup of blue lotus flower tea before bedtime may help cause vivid lucid dreams.
3. Natural skin moisturizer
Blue lotus flower tea is also considered as a natural skin moisturizer. It has refreshing and nourishing effects on skin health.
4. May Relieve Anxiety
Blue lotus flowers are known for their anxiety-relieving abilities. Lotus blossoms are used to "calm emotional disturbances" in Eastern medicine. Apomorphine has also been linked to reducing anxiety levels.
5. Rich in Antioxidants
The blue lotus flower contains antioxidants, which may help fight free radicals and slow down the early signs of aging. A study found that blue lotus flower extract could significantly reduce acne.


How to Prepare

2-3 grams of the dried blue lotus flower
8 fl.oz of water
1 tablespoon of honey

Brewing Instructions

1.First of all, prepare 8 fl.oz hot boiled water. (About 90-95°C/195-205°F)
2.Prepare a teapot with a strainer. Place 2-3 grams of flowers into the strainer. Add 8 fl.oz boiled water into your teapot. Steep for about 5-6 minutes.
3.Enjoy this blue lotus flower tea! If you are seeking a strong flavor, please increase the steeping time properly instead of adding more flowers. Add some honey for better taste!